I have been training with Paula since September 2012 and to this date I still look forward to training with her. Even though my intention was to train for 1 month only, I’m still training with her!
I never know what to expect and my routine is always varied which I really enjoy as I never get bored ! I would highly recommend Paula as a personal trainer as when you meet Paula and start to work with her you will understand why. She will definitely go that extra mile in order for you to get the best results! She is not a clock watcher if sometimes we go over the scheduled time I end up getting more for my money !!!!
In my opinion she is the best trainer around !

Taz, Altrincham
I have received personal training sessions with Paula for over a year now. Paula developed an exercise and diet plan, which she regularly reassesses in order to meet my latest objectives. During this time, not only have a lost over a stone in weight and developed a more toned shape, but I have also vastly increased my levels of strength and agility.
I feel much more healthy and vital on a daily basis and I look forward to our sessions and to Paula’s positive and motivational style. She is also a very nice person and I would have no hesitation to highly recommending her as a first class personal tairner.
N Taylor, Manchester

I have been using Paula as my personal trainer for over six months now and my fitness levels have definitely increased. The sessions are always varied which keeps them interesting and challenging. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Michael, Hale

I cannot recommend Paula highly enough as a trainer, not only is she extremely knowledgeable and clear in setting and explaining routines and their purpose; but, what really sets her apart is the speed and accuracy with which she tuned into not just my personal goals but also in my nutrition and diet program, with the result that her programmes and sessions are both targeted and enjoyable.
Paula also very quickly worked out how far I could be pushed, and then pushed a bit further than that, so that I’m now working out a level I would never have considered six months ago.
Paula’s enthusiasm for her clients’ progress is obvious and she is never less than encouraging.

Vipul and Nisha Vadera

Paula had been my trainer for two years. Paula designs individual program’s for each client to suits all their fitness requirement. I cannot recommend Paula highly enough if you want to see all round improvement in your fitness levels and health benefits.

Carmel, Hale
I have had personal trainers before Paula and none of them have been nearly as amazing as Paula.
She goes above and beyond any other trainers.
She has a personal touch which makes you feel like you can be open at all times with her and makes you feel 100% comfortable.
She not only worked out the perfect way for me to get fit and lose weight with exercise but she changed the way I think about food too.
I felt a million times better after just a few weeks with Paula and after a few months a felt like a new person.
She is utterley fabulous!
Georgina Manchester

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